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Every project has different needs. These are some of the methodologies & processes that we use through the different stages of your website or app development.

strategy & planning

Strategy & Planning

user research

Research & Testing

prototyping and ui design

Prototyping & UI

Training and Workshops

Training & workshops

UX audits

UX audits & reviews

UX Consulting

UX consulting

Strategy & Planning

We’ll take your project from early concept to implementation. Strategy is essential so your project is in sync with your business direction and long-term vision. Having a clear strategy and plan means we’ll be able define and prioritize goals and measure the impact of each project.

project management

Project Management

From business & product strategy to implementation, we’ll be able to guide you through each step and connect you to our large network of partners for specialized tasks that your project might require. A clear roadmap will ensure we achieve your project goals.

Analytics review

Analytics Review & Goal Setting

We might review your analytics reports to identify priorities and set goals. This is data that is valuable during the phase of discovery and planning, along with auditing your current product or website.

UX reviews

Heuristic Reviews & Audits

We might evaluate your website, app or product to identify usability issues and other areas for improvement. Find more about the different types of audits that we can conduct in order to craft a goal-focused plan.

Research and testing are essential parts in any user-centered process. You can’t do user-centered design if you don’t do research about your users and test your concepts with them.

Research & Testing

User Interviews

User Interviews 

User interviews are key to reveal information about the motivations, needs and goals of your users. Interviews can be conducted in-person, remotely, in the field or contextually (in the location your users interact with the product). 

UX surveys


With effective surveys you are able to collect valuable information about your current or potential users. Surveys can also be used to quantify results from primary qualitative research.

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis can be used for different purposes and situations. 

Analyzing your competitors would involve auditing and/or testing your competitors websites and products. 

persona creation

Persona Creation

Through quantitative, qualitative and observational research, we’ll be able to gather important data to create user profiles and user personas, essential tool in the process of gaining empathy and focus on your end-users. 

usability testing

User Testing

There’s no replacement for the need of testing your interface with your real users. Tests can be moderated or unmoderated, in person or remotely, depending on the prototype fidelity and phase of your project. 

Split Testing

Split Testing

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing are known methods for conducting experiments with the goal of increasing conversions based on specific metrics (clicks, purchases, etc). To get more value out of your tests, the hypotheses should be based on data, psychology and best practices, and be part of a strategic CRO plan. We help you with hypotheses formulation and an action plan.

Prototyping & UI

The design and implementation phase is part of an iterative and collaborative process. Prototyping is one essential aspect to validate ideas and iterate.

information architecture IA

Information Architecture (IA)

Content strategy is essential to create usable products and websites. The way content is organized through hierarchy and navigation will influence the user experience. Through card sorting and tree testsit’s possible to understand your user mental models and validate the content strategy and website navigation.

sitemap IA


The final sitemap will include the structure and hierarchy for all pages on your website. These pages will dictate the wireframes and screens. To come up with the right structure and strategy for both navigation and content, we need to understand your user mental models through testing – card sorting and tree tests.



Wireframes represent the structure and layout of the different pages of the website or app. They’re great tools to sketch ideas and potential solutions before deciding on a version to test.

ux prototyping


Prototyping allows us to make your ideas come to life so they can be validated through usability testing. Prototypes can vary in fidelity from paper prototypes to high fidelity. Testing early and often is key to iteration and continuous improvement.

mood board

Mood Boards

Mood boards are a useful tool to communicate the visual direction and style or vibe to be evoked through design.

ui design

User Interface Design 

Through iterative design, we’ll end up with a final polished version of your website or app. UI design involves the visual design of each screen individually as well as assets and style guidelines.

Usability inspection is an evaluative method involving one or more evaluators reviewing user interfaces against a set of principles or heuristics. Heuristic evaluations and expert reviews still do not replace the need for testing with real users. 

Audits & Reviews

ux expert reviews and audits

Expert Reviews

Expert reviews are conducted by an experienced UX expert and they’re based on heuristics, usability principles and industry best practices. The main goal is to identify usability issues.

checkout funnel analysis

Check-out funnel analysis

This type of review would be focused on the conversion funnel from the moment a user enters the check-out process until the final purchase. It’s based on heuristics and best practices for CRO. We also help you craft a A/B testing plan. It’s recommended that this report is combined with qualitative and quantitative data.

Mobile UX review

Mobile Review

This review is focused on mobile devices, based on heuristics and mobile usability principles, considering today’s consumer needs. It covers usability topics and opportunities for better conversion, and also examples of what your competitors are doing.

landing page review

Landing Page Review

These reviews are focused on a landing page that has a specific conversion goal. It’s based on industry best practices, benchmarking data, and psychology principles to identify opportunities for improvement and generate hypotheses to be A/B tested.

CRO conversion rate optimization

CRO-focused plan

User Experience impacts conversions and it’s important to align business goals and establish conversion objectives. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) needs to be based on a strategic plan that will take in consideration data (quantitative, qualitative & observation) and best practices to formulate hypotheses. 

UX Training & Workshops

We deliver custom workshops tailored to your team needs and project goals.

User Experience (UX) and CRO - Iterateev

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology not exclusive for designers that provides a solution-based approach for your company and team to solve real problems based on your user needs.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a five-day process aimed at answering critical business questions while reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market. 

UX strategy and team alignment

UX Strategy & Team Alignment

Improving the UX maturity of your company involves having your team aligned, and stakeholders and management on board.

UX Consulting

Our consulting services will be customized to your project needs. We’re able to consult during your product / website development at any stage.