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Every project has different needs. These are some of the methodologies that we use through the different stages of your website or app development.

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Research & Testing

Research and testing are essential parts of any user-centered process. You can’t do user-centered design if you don’t conduct research with your real users and test your concepts with them.

Become Data-driven

Strategy & Planning

We’ll take your project from early concept to implementation. Your project needs to align with your business direction and long-term vision. Having a clear strategy means we’ll be able define and prioritize goals and measure the impact of each project.

Plan Your Project

Audits & Reviews

We use evaluative methods to conduct usability inspection and review user interfaces against a set of principles or heuristics. Heuristic evaluations and expert reviews still do not replace the need for testing with real users.

Review Your UI

Prototyping & UI

The design and implementation phase is part of an iterative and collaborative process. Rapid prototyping allows us to validate initial ideas and continue iterating.

Communicate Your Ideas

UX and CRO Consulting

Our consulting services are tailored to your project needs. We’re able to consult during your product & website development at any stage.

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Training & Workshops

We deliver custom workshops and training (UX and CRO) tailored to your team needs and project goals.

Boost Your Team Capabilities

Improving the user experience is a never-ending journey.

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